"Think of a succession plan as life insurance for a law firm." 

An article in the August 24-30 issue of the Puget Sound Business Journal entitled "Firms Make Plans to Carry on When Leaders Go" quotes Ronda Muir on the subject of succession planning and describes the services that she and Robin Rolfe Resources performed for a Seattle law firm.

"Senior Attorney Jay Derr of Seattle firm GordonDerr said that nearly three years ago his firm decided to hire Muir and company to put together a succession plan… Thus, the preparations were in place when founding attorney Peter Buck decided to leave… to start his own firm…’ We felt no economic blip from it at all,’ said Derr."

"Succession is especially critical to the survival of so-called first generation ‘founder firms,’"said consultant Muir.  ‘It involves finding a dynamic leader who can transition into a new role… and moving the founder to a different level…’"