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Monthly Archives: November 2007

Professional Development Makes the Diversity Associate Happy

Posted in Leadership, Management, Mentoring, Productivity, Professional Development, Recruitment, Retention, Risk Management, Work Satisfaction
As many of the biggest law firms are concluding, “professional development” has become the preferred vehicle for addressing diversity attrition. Professional development encompasses enhanced orientation, mentoring, assignment and delegation processes, leadership training, career planning, diversity training, management skills, feedback training, business-development training, affinity groups and other tactics aimed at recruiting and keeping a diverse associate group.… Continue Reading

Growing Leaders at Harvard and Other Business Schools

Posted in Coaching, Communication, Conflict, Emotional Intelligence, Law Education, Leadership, Management, Mentoring, Productivity, Professional Development
Growing future leaders at our best business schools increasingly involves teaching "softer" skills, and often using personal style assessments. One of the more rigorous and long-standing low-residence courses at Harvard Business School is the nine-week Owner President Management Course (OPM), which spans three years.  Roughly 120 business owners, only half of whom are usually from the US, are… Continue Reading

Lucky Is As Lucky Does: The Muscle Behind Happiness

Posted in Books, Coaching, Culture, Emotional Intelligence, Management, Mentoring, Professional Development, Retention, Risk Management, Work/Life Balance
A recent article in the New York Times on young 20-something Internet mega-millionaires quoted one as saying “You ask yourself, ‘Why am I not happier given how lucky I’ve been?’” While we as lawyers, being supremely circumspect, would rarely verbalize this sort of “squishy” sentiment out in the open, given the levels of unhappiness in… Continue Reading

The Critical Ability of Emotionally Intelligent Legal Managers

Posted in Assessments, Culture, Law Departments, Leadership, Management, Productivity, Professional Development, Risk Management
What is the most important attribute to be looking for as you groom your young lawyers for management?  A 2006 study reviewed in the Leadership and Organization Development Journal assessed the relationship between emotional intelligence and managerial effectiveness, confirming what you might expect.  A total of 38 supervisors (37 males and 1 female) and 1,258 subordinates from… Continue Reading