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Monthly Archives: December 2007

Taking “Bah Humbug” out of Success in the New Year

Posted in Books, Ethics, Management
Is living a life filled with distrust and deception the price of achieving professional success?  As we head into another year, it is a query worth pursuing. Steve Katz, adjunct professor at Northwestern University’s Business Institutions Program, points out a bestseller published in 1998 that purportedly draws from centuries of powerful leaders (on the order of Machiavelli,… Continue Reading

The Fracturing World of Lock-Step Compensation: The Beginning of the End of Big-Firm Glory?

Posted in Compensation, Culture, Management, Productivity, Retention
It is a scenario we in the legal field have come to expect–announcements of associate compensation increases are responded to in waves. First the largest firms rush to match them, then the mid-size firms determine how much they are going to raise compensation, often not in a dollar-for-dollar match, and then there is the soul-seeking by the smaller firms. … Continue Reading

Women Board Members Are Where The Money Is

Posted in Conflict, Decision-Making, Diversity, Emotional Intelligence, Law Departments, Leadership, Professional Development, Profitability, Retention, Risk Management
In a report released October 1st, Catalyst, a New York consultancy, found that Fortune 500 companies with at least three women on their boards strongly outperformed those companies with fewer or no women. Based on a study of four years of corporate results, the correlation was found to be so direct that the more women who… Continue Reading