Muir has been selected by Patrick McKenna (co-author of First Among Equals and Herding Cats) as one of a select group of law firm consultants available to advise law firm leaders under McKenna’s ENABLE program–Executive Network of Advisory Boards for Leadership Excellence, which McKenna describes below. 

"Now, more than ever, being a Firm Chair or Managing Partner and leading a professional service firm is a monumental task. Even more critical, how do you handle sensitive or strategic challenges when your previous experience has not adequately prepared you?

Corporate CEO’s who have used Advisory Boards rate them as "very effective" as sounding boards and sources of management mentoring. They also give these boards high ratings for offering ideas, influencing strategy, sharing business contacts, and providing business or industry intelligence.

The primary challenge to making Advisory Boards work for professional service firm leaders lies in recruiting and assembling a group of talented confidants willing to serve on these boards and then having an experienced resource available to help firm leaders get their Advisory Boards up-and-running effectively. The ENABLE program is dedicated to those two objectives."

For additional information, contact Muir at RMuir@RobinRolfeResources or McKenna at