Muir recently led an Introduction to the Business of Law seminar for junior associates at an AmLaw 100 firm. The presentation is customized to the firm and is gauged to bolster associates’  engagement and loyalty and to improve their productivity. 

Topics include a definition of terms, such as utilization, realization and cash management, and a discussion of what drives the economics of law firms, the impact of current marketplace trends, as well as how all these factors influence every associate’s career, and what they can do to benefit themselves and their firm.

Director of Professional Development: "Associates called me specifically to thank me for setting this up; others said that the topic answered a lot of questions they wanted to know about (but probably wouldn’t have asked). Several who didn’t make it called to ask if I had recorded it because everyone said it was a good presentation…plus I appreciate that you were great to work with."

Partner in charge: "This was a very helpful presentation–a number of associates came up to me afterward to say how thought -provoking it was. It is difficult at times, particularly with the most junior associates, to get them to ask the questions they want to ask. You answered many of them in your presentation. We look forward to doing this again."

Firm Consultant: "The presentation was excellent. Law is a business like any other business. Every attorney, particularly at these large firms, should know about what you discussed in your presentation."