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Monthly Archives: October 2010

“Category Killers”

Posted in Leadership, Management, Risk Management
James Surowiecki’s article in this past week’s The New Yorker reviews the rise, decline and near or total collapse of “category killer” businesses like CompUSA, Circuit City, Toys R Us, Home Depot and most recently Barnes & Noble and Blockbuster. Why were these businesses, which enjoyed enormous success for a significant period of time, often virtually… Continue Reading

Reducing Regulation as a Productivity Prod

Posted in Business Development, Productivity
As a followup to the previous entry’s reference to law practice restrictions that exist in the US and are considered or being put in place in important new economies like Brazil and India, a recent article in The Economist discussed the significant drag such restrictions have on countries’ attempts to improve productivity. Following are among the most relevant bits, as the Brits say. "[T]he… Continue Reading

The Arrival of Outside Investment?

Posted in Leadership, Management, Profitability, Risk Management
What recession? Slater & Gordon, the Australian firm, has been on a roll, buying up 10 firms over the last 3 years, realizing a 21% increase in revenues for 2009-2010, along with a 16% increase in PEP, both modest compared to the 27% increase in revenues and 42% increase in net profit achieved in 2008-2009.  How are they doing that? S&G was the first… Continue Reading

Does Compensation Motivate?: The World According to Dan Pink

Posted in Client Service, Compensation, Leadership, Management, Productivity, Professional Development, Profitability, Retention, Risk Management, Work Satisfaction, Work/Life Balance
The most interesting question, in my opinion, that was asked of me and Peter Zeugheuser at last Thursday’s CCM audio conference on Origination Credit and Partner Compensation for the New Legal Landscape was not really within the purview of the topic.  It was "does compensation really work as an incentive?"   The topic–for a broadly diverse audience–was an overview of law… Continue Reading