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Monthly Archives: November 2010

Corporate Counsel Saying What They Want

Posted in Business Development, Client Service, Law Departments, Professional Development, Profitability
At this year’s Annual Meeting of over 2000 general counsel and senior in-house counsel, the Association of Corporate Counsel continued its promotion of the Value Challenge–i.e., making sure outside counsel understand what corporate counsel expect from them. So far, over 5000 lawyers have been rated on their competence in six critical areas.  And ACC hopes to double that number soon.… Continue Reading

The Recession and Diversity Cont’d

Posted in Diversity, Retention, Risk Management
Further to our earlier entry on diversity and the recession, here is some additional data. The New York Law Journal reported that the percentage of women partners and associates working at NLJ 250 law firms this year fell to its lowest point since 2006, accounting for 29.2% of all attorneys at NLJ 250 firms, compared to 32%… Continue Reading

Why Partner Compensation Will Go Down

Posted in Compensation
In the wake of all the steps taken over the past few years to cut expenses, expectations might be that partner compensation might be stable or even going up again anytime soon.  So let’s be very clear about what may have gotten lost in the webinar discussion last month on partner compensation: after marching up conservatively but reliably for decades and… Continue Reading

What MidLaw Associates Are Saying About Our Future

Posted in Retention, Risk Management, Work Satisfaction, Work/Life Balance
The results of the AmLaw 200 Midlevel Associate Survey make for some interesting prognostications about our future. The average composite score from 5,092 associates fell to 3.728, the lowest overall score since 2004, which includes one of the lowest scores–3.96–for the associate’s own firm in recent years.  While worries about being laid off declined significantly and 72%… Continue Reading

The Recession and Diversity

Posted in Client Service, Diversity, Profitability, Recruitment, Retention, Risk Management, Teamwork
Just a heads up on those initial reports that the recession has not impacted minorities and women in the legal profession.  The most recent data from a survey done by the Minority Corporate Counsel Association shows that fewer minority candidates are being hired and promoted, and they are leaving their jobs at a faster clip, while women seem to be holding their own. The number… Continue Reading