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Monthly Archives: March 2011

Terrible Tuesdays and Lawyer Rehab

Posted in Client Service, Culture, Leadership, Management, Productivity, Risk Management, Wellness, Work Satisfaction
How stressed-out are you feeling today?  A UK study has concluded that 10 AM on Tuesdays is the peak period of stress during a lawyer’s work week, and that 47% of lawyers carry their stress home from work, "leading them to drink (every now and then)." That may be an understatement.  Data from around the world… Continue Reading

Metrics for Comparing Firm Rates

Posted in Business Development, Client Service, Law Departments, Management, Profitability, Risk Management
In addition to establishing metrics for demonstrating, for instance, who in the firm does what and how for project management or other purposes, there are metrics out there that track what individual firms charge for various units of work, so that inside counsel can compare value among firms in a more finely calibrated way.   A survey by CT TyMetrix Inc.… Continue Reading

The Metrification of Legal Talent

Posted in Professional Development
In order to achieve bottom line results that are more and more hard-fought, firms are frequently turning (some quite belatedly) to business management principles used in other industries–organization around teams, commodities work outsourcing, Six Sigma quality control, process and knowledge management efficiencies, and, in response to client pressure, estimating, budgeting and budget management systems.  Embedded in this trend has come… Continue Reading