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Monthly Archives: July 2011

The Advantages of Depression

Posted in Assessments, Decision-Making, Law Education, Leadership, Management, Recruitment, Risk Management, Wellness, Work Satisfaction
The rate of depression among lawyers is widely recognized as a multiple–in some studies a double-digit multiple–of the rate of depression in the general population and also in other professions.  This rate is high by the second semester of law school and only escalates over time. There has been speculation as to whether depression in lawyers is a condition… Continue Reading

Feeling Less and Knowing Less

Posted in Assessments, Business Development, Client Service, Coaching, Communication, Decision-Making, Emotional Intelligence, Leadership, Management, Mentoring, Productivity, Professional Development, Retention, Risk Management
One of the more interesting findings in emotional intelligence research is that people who read emotional cues in others are generally good at reading their own emotional states and vice-verse—those who read themselves well are likely to read others well also. Conversely, an inability to read either oneself or others signals the corresponding inability. These findings are… Continue Reading