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Monthly Archives: February 2012

Practical Practice Tips: The Art of Ending Work Relationships

Posted in Client Service, Communication, Conflict, Culture, Emotional Intelligence, Management, Productivity, Profitability, Retention, Risk Management
Much space here is devoted to building professional and profitable relationships at work.  But there are also work relationships that should end and some that end in any event.  While not minimizing the trauma and suffering often associated with divorce and other relationship losses outside of the office, the end of work relationships pose unique difficulties with potentially damaging repercussions… Continue Reading

The “Blame It On Law School” Controversy, or Unrequited Law Students

Posted in Compensation, Culture, Ethics, Law Education, Management, Professional Development, Recruitment, Retention, Work Satisfaction, Work/Life Balance
Perhaps the only players in the legal world getting a harsher strafing these days than law firms are law schools.  The biggest complaints are 1) financial: that they unfairly entice students into their folds on promises of big payday legal jobs that most will never have a shot at and that the law schools do so at tuition rates that impose mortgage-sized… Continue Reading

A Book on Emotional Intelligence and Lawyering: What’s Your Reaction?

Posted in Announcements, Emotional Intelligence, Management
Ronda Muir of Law People Management has concluded a contract with the ABA to write a seminal book on emotional intelligence and lawyering.  Before everyone scatters, could you please send your reactions to the juxtapositions of those two topics and any anecdotes that might be informative to All responses will be acknowledged and a select few will… Continue Reading

The Commencement of the UK Tsunami

Posted in Business Development, Client Service, Management, Profitability, Risk Management
Speaking of the flood of mergers consolidating the legal marketplace, another new wave is also just now hitting that promises to further dilute the piece of the action that law firms have traditionally enjoyed.  At the beginning of this month, the UK’s Solicitors Regulation Authority officially opened its doors to at least a dozen applicants, including law… Continue Reading