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Monthly Archives: March 2012

Updates Galore: Hospitality, ABSs and Law School Hell

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There’s so much going on in the legal world these days, it’s hard to keep up.  Here are some updates on topics we’ve covered recently.  Hospitality In connection with our entry Bringing the Hospitality Mind-Set to the Law is this recent inquiry into what makes a small hotel with no designer touches or fancy perks like restaurants or… Continue Reading

Bringing the Hospitality Mind-Set to the Law

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Speaking of hospitality, during the 6th Annual HR in Hospitality Conference & Expo in San Francisco last month,Chip Conley, the founder of the hotel chain Joie de Vivre, said that most leaders have strong IQs, but far fewer have EQs—emotional intelligence—to match, and that can be detrimental to business. Why? 1) Emotions are more contagious than viruses, so… Continue Reading

International Women’s Day: Women and the Paris Bar

Posted in Compensation, Diversity, Recruitment, Retention, Work/Life Balance
At first glance, you as a woman lawyer might be tempted to pull up stakes and take yourself to Paris: according to a report by the Paris Bar, after rapid increases in the number of female law graduates there over the last few years, the number of registered women lawyers now outstrips the men, the women start practicing… Continue Reading

The Challenges of Lateral Hiring

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The American Lawyer has just issued its Report on Laterals 2012, in which it found that in the 12 months ending September 30, 2011, 2,454 partners left or joined Am Law 200 firms, for a 22% increase over 2010, when there was the lowest number of moves since 2000. "This year’s figure was consistent with the annual average of 2,458 partner moves… Continue Reading