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Monthly Archives: August 2012

The Flat Demand Crisis

Posted in Business Development, Client Service, Compensation, Leadership, Management, Productivity, Profitability, Risk Management
Citi’s Midyear Report on the state of the legal industry for the first 6 months of this year is a cautionary read, harrowingly notable for its brevity. "[W]e’re now concerned that this year the legal industry may be unable to match 2011’s low single-digit profit growth. There are three reasons for our concern: demand growth slowed during… Continue Reading

What’s Ethics Got to Do With It? Part 1

Posted in Client Service, Conflict, Culture, Decision-Making, Emotional Intelligence, Ethics, Leadership, Management, Professional Development, Risk Management, Teamwork, Work Satisfaction
Recent reporting happened to recount within days of each other three instances of fraud in the legal world that bear some reflection.  In New York in late July, after a short deliberation by the jury, two attorneys were convicted of 10 felony counts of perpetuating for over almost a decade mortgage fraud, including conspiracy to commit bank fraud… Continue Reading

LPM’s Muir Cited Twice by NASJE

Posted in Announcements, Diversity, Emotional Intelligence
LPM’s Muir is honored to be cited twice in the June 2012 newsletter of the National Association of State Judicial Educators (NASJE), entitled "Judicial Balance: Lessons for Life and Law." The newsletter "helps you navigate the sometimes exhilarating and sometimes treacherous waters of being a judge, and makes it easier to find and enhance your fulfillment in serving… Continue Reading