In Sydney, Australia at the IBA annual conference earlier this month, Muir participated on a great panel with an energized audience on the topic of successfully making changes in our careers. Here are two of the recent articles in Lawyers Weekly: “How to Fail Well” and “The Pursuit of Happiness in the Law.” 

One of the takeaways was how emotional the entire process of contemplating and transitioning through any kind of change can be, citing William Bridges’ map of the emotions around change:


Image result for william bridges managing transitions


Note the drop in productivity with the emotional states that exist around the contemplation of an ending, and that productivity only starts to rise again–hopefully to new heights–as the new circumstance becomes understood, accepted and fully engaged in.

These emotions that can run rampant in the workplace make the role of the emotionally intelligent leader–who understands and can manage such an emotional event– even more important during times of change.