We spend our days advising law firms and law departments about the changing landscape for their professional services.  But just as the legal industry is in a state of transition, so is the industry that consults with the legal industry. 

We at Robin Rolfe Resources are retuning our services in order to offer you cost-effective updates on the fast-paced corrections and counter-corrections occurring daily in the legal world.  And we are going to do so without killing a lot of trees or landing in your bottom file drawer.

We can meet with your general counsel or managing parter, executive committee, planning committee, a practice group or the whole department or partnership to discuss trends and innovations–both successes and bloopers–in many realms of practice management: governance, client service, compensation, recruitment, lateral integration, retention, performance evaluation, motivation, promotion, training and development, leadership, morale, diversity, and succession, among others. Our own years of experience in practicing law and then advising practices of all sizes, coupled with an expertise in lawyer psychology, make us uniquely capable of providing sophisticated, up-to-date and practical advice.

We can meet for a morning, a day or regularly on a quarterly or other basis.  If you need more extensive research or written advice, we can provide it.  Regardless of the extent of our role, we are on your side of the table when you are analyzing the tough calls.

A much-heralded business author is working on a new book about reinvention and has concluded that both law and consulting fall into the category of needing to be reinvented.  In both of our businesses, tomes on best practices should be relegated to the last century.  Ours certainly are.