Beyond Smart: Lawyering with Emotional Intelligence

Ronda Muir’s BEYOND SMART: LAWYERING WITH EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE, published by the ABA in the fall of 2017, is the first comprehensive guide to understanding, using and raising emotional intelligence in the unique context of law practice. You can order a copy either as a paperback or eBook. Use Code RMUIR10 for a discount on the ABA Shop site.

Everyone is familiar with “IQ”—intelligence quotient. Most lawyers put their IQ scores up there with their SAT and LSAT scores as generally acknowledged evidence of their competence. But what is your emotional intelligence quotient? And why should you care?

“Emotional intelligence” (EI) is the ability to recognize, understand, and regulate our own and others’ emotions. Industries worldwide have incorporated EI into their education, hiring, training, and management programs to maximize performance.

Beyond Smart explains the origins of EI, a lawyer’s historic role in developing the concept, how lawyers compare in EI to other professionals and how to determine your level of EI. Beyond Smart also outlines:

  • Why emotionally intelligent lawyers are smarter, better practitioners (negotiators, litigators and judges), make more money, and are physically and mentally healthier
  • How emotionally intelligent workplaces profit from more effective leadership, greater performance, enhanced teamwork, and increased client satisfaction, as well as lower attrition, healthcare and professional liability costs
  • Why emotionally intelligent practices can thrive in an increasingly competitive and technologically complex marketplace, even outperforming artificial intelligence
  • The steps individuals, workplaces and law schools can take  to raise emotional intelligence

This user-friendly, practical resource is designed for today’s legal professional who desires to improve their communication, client service and leadership skills and create a high performance, high functioning workplace.






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Gen Why Lawyer

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New York Law School ADR Class

  • Emotional Intelligence for Lawyers” October 2020

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Toronto Bar Association

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UNICEF Three-Day Leadership and Team-building Retreats

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Women Leaders in Life Sciences Law

  • Panel Moderator “Combating Gender Stereotypes in the Life Sciences Legal Community: Overcoming Implicit Bias” at inaugural conference Washington D.C. July 2014

Yale Law School (Yale Law School has been acknowledged by the Carnegie Foundation as one of only three law schools offering a balanced curriculum)

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  • Speaker “Law Economics 101: How to Be a Valuable Associate” New Haven, CT April 2007



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