Law People Management specializes in addressing the full range of of both traditional and emerging “people issues” challenging contemporary law practice.

Drawing from experience in both large and small law firms, as inside counsel and as clients, we bring leading-edge ideas in law people management to your specific demands, understanding that profitability is a fundamental gauge of success.

We are expert in the unique behavioral and personal attributes of attorneys and their organizations and how best to use behavioral science to achieve your desired goals. In order to be successful, client service, strategic planning, management structure, leadership development, risk management, recruitment, retention, compensation, professional development, diversity programs, succession plans and most other aspects of law practice profit from recognizing and building on the specific human capital profile that is your firm’s or department’s primary asset.

We do not have canned solutions to your individual needs and we do not produce lengthy reports that are destined to go unread. Our job is to understand you so well that we can seamlessly partner with you to achieve the results you want.  Let us help you turn the strengths of your attorneys in the courtroom and conference room into positive contributors to firm and department dynamics and profitability.

Law Firm Services

How do you align associate recruitment, lateral integration, partnership structure, risk management and a myriad of other challenges with increasing client demands for greater value at lower cost? Our nationally recognized expertise in understanding the evolving legal marketplace at this critical time can help you make the challenging transitions that lie ahead while maintaining your firm’s reputation and profitability.

Law Department Services

General Counsel are the emerging critical managers at corporations worldwide. The challenges of leading and managing a law department in the context of today’s increasing demands, risks and budget oversight require more than legal expertise. We partner with you to assess your objectives, define and carry out your strategic plans, optimize the department’s effectiveness and efficiency, enhance your visibility and showcase your management skills.

Professional Development Programs

We have a number of services designed to promote the productivity and organizational loyalty of various groups within your organizations, which can be customized to your needs. For example, in this economic climate, associates at all levels benefit from understanding the business of law, minorities and women want programs targeted to raising their value and visibility, laterals succeed with focused integration programs and lawyers of all stripes can make use of better communication and client service skills.

Individual Services

Let us assist you in building a stress-managed, optimally-performing personal practice. We use state-of-the-art assessments and old-fashioned experience to help you establish goals, plan your next steps and support your efforts until you see real career advancement.


To better help you, we offer a number of sophisticated assessments and analytical tools, along with an in-depth understanding of their application to lawyers and their usefulness in improving professional dynamics and performance.