The Value Advisory

Ronda Muir is one of the members of The Value Advisory. The combined expertise of The Value Advisory provides unparalleled knowledge and experience in delivering value to clients. We have joined forces to anticipate and address the extraordinary challenges to law firms from the backlash by clients against rising legal costs and institutionalized inefficiency. After cutting costs, firms must secure their current revenue and grow new sources of revenue. Our focus is on devising practical solutions to help you meet your clients’ value objectives, so as to increase productivity and profitability while maintaining the integrity of the firm. Other members of The Value Advisory include:

Martha Candiello, formerly General Counsel of Sunoco Chemicals and Chief Regulatory Counsel at Rohm and Haas Company, held the position of Director of General Counsel Relations for Reed Smith, and is Associate Dean of Drexel Law School in charge of career services. She is an expert in obtaining and leveraging law firm client feedback into business retention and new business opportunities by identifying and implementing service standards that align with the key performance metrics of client organizations.

Lois Horwitz advises law firms on streamlining and automating essential and costly business processes to reduce expense and improve the efficiency and integrity of operations – from issues assessment through procurement and implementation. She was the Director of Operations and Technology for a large law firm and, subsequently, its Executive Director. She also held positions of Chief Information Officer at an AmLaw 250 firm and as lead consultant and project manager for multi-phased technology and business process improvement programs.

Nancy Lasersohn, an advisor on strategy, alignment of management functions, marketing and business development for law and consulting firms for more than 25 years, headed marketing for 15 years at two AmLaw 20 law firms. She conducted pioneering research of corporate counsel and their relationships with outside counsel, and designed successful client retention and acquisition programs in response. She was also one of the first to introduce what is now termed “project management” as part of a strategic initiative to maintain rates in the face of mounting competitive pressure.

Aileen Leventon, a former practicing lawyer, law firm executive director, and partner/ consultant at Pricewaterhousecoopers and Blaqwell, has 20 years experience advising law firms and law departments on achieving cost-effectiveness through project management and other business processes. As the lead faculty member for the Association of Corporate Counsel Master Class series, she has trained law department management on restructuring arrangements with law firms, budgeting and metrics. She has the expertise to help law firms determine and negotiate the optimal fee structures for each client and manage the delivery of legal services profitably.

Robin Rolfe combines strategic vision with practical implementation. As a law practice management consultant for more than 10 years and earlier as Executive Director of the International Trademark Association (INTA), she applies her lawyer training, organizational skills and leadership experience to help law firms, legal departments and associations develop and implement strategic plans, improve client-counsel relationships and increase business. She most values her track record and satisfied clients, including one who wrote: “OMG – you’re my hero!”

Progress in Work

Ronda Muir collaborates with Progress in Work, a career management firm, in providing timely, practical professional development services for lawyers at all stages of their careers.  Progress in Work focuses on outplacement, executive/professional development coaching, business development training and coaching, and career counseling with its clients from most of the AmLaw 100 and many of the Fortune 500 corporations.