Jennifer Alvey “is a recovering lawyer who was once one of the 20% of Feelers in law firms.”  Now she coaches other lawyers in the Nashville area, many of whom are miserable practicing law. In her post “Why Are There So Many Asshole Lawyers?”, she tells it straight about her and her clients’ experiences in “dysfunctional” law firms, citing aspects of Muir’s work at Law People Management on lawyer personalities as a way to understand some of the dysfunction.  BigLaw firm Kirkland & Ellis comes in for particular scrutiny.

This post illustrates the narrow personal style profile that dominates the practice of law, a topic that Muir spoke on at the Center For Legal Inclusiveness Summit earlier this month, and that can make those outside that profile unhappy in their practice.

For those looking for strategies to enhance both firm culture and function and personal performance and satisfaction, a good place to start is by examining personal style. Let us at Law People Management help you achieve a higher functioning firm and individual practice.