Engaged employees are involved in and enthusiastic about their work and workplace. Actively disengaged employees are disgruntled and disloyal because most of their workplace needs are unmet. It’s also been called “quiet quitting,” a phenomenon Gallup says may currently describe over half of the American workforce.

This year a New York law firm sued one

You’ve probably read by now of ChatGPT’s legal acumen. ChatGPT averaged C+ when University of Minnesota law professors used it to generate answers in 95 multiple choice and 12 essay questions in exams in four courses. When compared blindly alongside actual students’ tests, ChatGPT scored C+ while the humans averaged B+. While low, if

Axios recently reported on the state of loneliness in the US. Included were some astounding stats. A Harvard study found that 1 in 3 Americans feel “serious loneliness”–including 61% of younger people and over 50% of mothers with young kids.  It cites a recent CDC survey in which 63% of young adults were found to

Let’s take a look at Professional Rules of Conduct with respect to discrimination and harassment with an eye on emotional intelligence. First, a short historical review of relevant rules is in order.

On February 5, 2018, Resolution 302 was adopted unanimously by the American Bar Association expanding existing provisions in the Model Rules of Professional

While lawyers have enjoyed the high esteem of community members in the distant past, that glow has almost completely faded. In a couple of recent surveys, the depths to which we have sunk have become pretty clear. One survey of those workers “least trusted” by the public placed lawyers at #5, only squeaking ahead of

In a first study of its kind, researchers analyzing nearly 5,000 job descriptions placed between 2000 and 2017 in help-wanted ads for CEOs, as well as the other big C’s, found a 27% increase in social skills requirements, while the emphasis on hard skills, like financial management, declined by 38%. The most wanted soft skills

Having empathy is a critical part of emotional intelligence. First, if you can “feel” another’s feelings, you have more information than if you can’t, and you are more likely to respond to them and their situation in a constructive, even compassionate way.

Many suggest that seeing the personal pain that Covid caused has prompted a

This past week, NYC Mayor Adams announced a return to a policing effort referred to as “broken windows.” In the early 1980s, that phrase was introduced by social psychologists and criminologists as a way to enhance livability and reduce major crimes. The premise is:

“If a window in a building is broken and left unrepaired,

Ten years ago there was talk of the need for an innovative product that could tell people when their stress level became high. One suggestion was for a computer mouse to be equipped to recognize stress and trigger a high-stress signal. That delivery vehicle seemed particularly promising to help lawyers–stress is a common problem that