For those attending the International Bar Association annual meeting in Rome this upcoming week of October 7, Muir will be speaking on a 4:15 pm panel on Monday, October 8th–chaired by Peter Alfandary, Esq.–that will be discussing winning and retaining clients through cross cultural understanding. Related to emotional and social intelligence in several respects, cross cultural “intelligence” has become increasingly important with the arrival of a truly global legal marketplace.

On Thursday, October 11 at 11:15 am, Muir will be participating on a panel chaired by Mark Hsu, Esq, on emotional intelligence and the law. Drawing from her book Beyond Smart: Lawyering with Emotional Intelligence, the first comprehensive guide to understanding, using and raising emotional intelligence in the unique context of law practice, Muir and the panel will delve into the origins and physiology of emotional intelligence and how it helps practicing lawyers have a more successful and satisfying career.

Join us in exploring these important subjects!